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Our handmade raspberry jam has a dark and rich red colour, with a sweet and sour raspberry taste. Its high ratio of fruit to jam is reflected in the perfectly set texture of the jam, making it easily spreadable or easy to bake with!
-Why not try it with… Try it as a sauce by adding 15ml of water to every 100g of jam and drizzle it over anything from pork chops to ice cream!
-Product shelf life on delivery: 2 years / after opening: 6 weeks


Raspberries, sugar, gelling agent (pectin), citric acid.

Prepared with 50g of fruits per 100g

Suitable for vegetarians


Typical value Per 100g
Energy 1000 kj / 239 kcal
Fat 0.2g
Carbohydrate 57g
of which
Sugars 57g
Protein 0.7g